Arzum OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine| OK001WHITE| White & Gold |Turks Koffizetapparat – Wit & Goud – Full Automatic | 2 kopjes (8693184950227)


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Arzum Okka Full Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine OK001WHITE – WHITE & GOLD .
Kastontwerp: Aanrechtblad, Producttype: Turks koffiezetapparaat, Koffiezet apparaat type: Handmatig, Capaciteit watertank: 0,95 l, Koffie invoertype: Gemalen koffie, Reservoir voor gezette koffie: Beker, Aantal spuiten: 2. Vermogen: 710 W. Kleur van het product: Zwart, Zilver
*Drink your Turkish coffee from award-winning Arzum OKKA, Turkish Coffee Tradition and Taste Inside Your Cup! With the innovation Perfect Taste in Every Cup: With the innovation it brought to coffee drinking tradition, Arzum OKKA serves the ideal taste directly to your cup. With its “Direct Cup Service” feature, Arzum OKKA serves a perfect OKKA Turkish Coffee experience every time.With the innovation it brought to coffee drinking tradition, Arzum OKKA redefines your Turkish Coffee pleasure. With its advanced technological features, Arzum OKKA serves a perfect Turkish coffee experience in every way. Arzum OKKA invites you to meet the real taste of Turkish coffee and live this coffee experience that will give you joy.
SELF- CLEANING FEATURE: Arzum OKKA eases your life with the one-button self-cleaning technology.
AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: We were influenced by the Turkish coffee culture and designed it for your perfect coffee experience. The elegant combination of copper tones and naive motives matches perfectly with the Turkish coffee culture. Now you have lots of reasons to own an Arzum OKKA, the Red Dot Award and Plus X Award’s choice for the ‘Best Product’ award.
AUTO BOILING – Altitude Detection Technology: Arzum OKKA has the “Auto Boiling Altitude Detection” technology that allows it to make Turkish coffee with the same taste anywhere around the world. This technology detects your altitude and identifies the boiling point automatically, then cooks your coffee accordingly. This way Arzum OKKA provides the perfect Turkish Coffee taste anytime and anywhere.
3 DIFFERENT CUP SIZE: With Arzum OKKA’s three different cup size options, you can enjoy your coffee in any cup
KÖZDE PİŞİRME: The “Slow Brewing” feature lets you enjoy the taste of Turkish Coffee cooked on low-heat cinder. (EAN: 8693184950227)



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